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  •  metals

    Gold's purity is measured in karats. 24 karat is pure gold, but its purity means it is more expensive and less durable than gold that is alloyed with other metals. When comparing gold jewellery, the higher the number of karats, the greater the value. Different alloys are used in jewellery for greater strength, durability and color range. The karatage of the jewellery will tell you, what percentage of gold it contains. 24 karat is 100 percent, 18 karat is 75 percent, and 14 karat is 58 percent gold.

    Silver is one of the first metals to be used by humans. The art of silver working dates back to the ancient Byzantine, Phoenician and Egyptian empires, where silver was forged into domestic utensils, jewellery, buttons, weapons, horse trappings, boxes, and other articles. Infact, it may have been the first metal smelted from ore

    Platinum is add the only precious metal used in fine jewelry that is 90% to 95% pure, largely hypoallergenic, and tarnish-resistant. Today, it is often alloyed with copper and titanium. While purchasing platinum jewellery, look for platinum jewelry marked 900Pt, 950 Plat, or Plat. Platinum, like gold, has a long and distinguished history. Its use began in antiquity and it has undergone resurgence in popularity over the last 200 years.

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  •  Diamonds

    CUT: The ideal cut diamond is normally a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to exact mathematical proportions. When a diamond is cut to the Ideal proportions, light entering from all directions is reflected through the top in a display of rainbow colors and sparkling flashes. The 58 perfectly polished facets create the ultimate in luster and brilliance.

    COLOR: Diamonds have slight shades of yellow or brown, although they visually look colourless. As these shades become more easily apparent, the rarity and the value decrease. Ideal cutting accentuates the rare splendor of a diamond by reducing the amount of color when viewed from the top.

    CLARITY All diamonds with natural internal characteristics are called inclusions. The size, nature, quantity and location of inclusions determine a diamond's clarity grade and affect its rarity and value.

    CARAT: The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat is equivalent to 100 cents or 0.2 gram.

    Now that you know about Diamonds, its time to choose the jewellery to suit you. Check-out our collections

  •  Product care

    With proper care, precious jewellery can last for a delightfully long time. Below are some tips to show you how you can get lasting pleasure from your purchases.

    Clean your jewellery periodically. An old soft toothbrush is ideal to get into mostly all the difficult nooks and corners. Rub gently with warm soapy water or purchase jewellery cleaning fluid from your jeweller.

    Settings can get clogged up with soap and hand cream. Take them off before washing hands and using cream.

    Beauty products can affect jewellery. Spray of perfume or hairspray can discolour gold or make pearls turn yellow. Put jewellery on after you have used your cosmetics and sprays.

    Don't wear too many chains at one time, they will tangle and rub off one another causing damage.

    Strong smelling foods e.g. fish & onions can tarnish gold and silver. Wear jewellery as much as possible, as this keeps the metals bright. Heat and hot water can loosen settings where an adhesive has been used. Pearl rings, earrings and pendants have this type of setting, so be careful with them. Take off your jewellery especially rings when doing household chores or gardening. They could be damaged by knocking out stones or coming into contact with abrasive materials, which also discolour metal.

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