Rajwadi / Jadau

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Everyday wear
Special occasion
  • EPS-PS355

    Whether it\'s the stunning diamonds or the gorgeous ruby, Treasure promises the perfect combination o

  • HERPD1009-1

    Pearls, rubies and emeralds in tradition to suit the modern era.

  • HERPD1055-1

    Italian Design inspired by Floral beauty adds grace to your ownership.

  • RG-3040-1

    Unique design, sparkel with the diamonds in white gold

  • RG-3048-1

    Very decent and delicate design in shape of Flower with diamonds around the red rube

  • RG-3077-1

    Smart look in square shape diamond ring

  • RG-3087-1

    An exclusive design with diamond and rose gold

  • RG-3003-1

    specious ring with Gold & Rose Gold Combination along with the diamonds

  • BR355-1

    Magnificent Diamond Bracelet with green enamaling very sturdy for every day wear.

  • BR433-1

    White gold Bracelet in dimaonds a perfect piece of designer wear for any occasion.

  • BR434-1

    Beautiful blending of gold tinge in white gold designer Bracelet to make you look special.

  • BR444-1

    Unique design, sparkel with the diamonds in white and pink gold

  • ER2003-1

    Stylish White gold hoops with dual look of diamonds , to make the wearer look bold and confident.

  • ER2042-1

    Every special occasion requires even a more special diamond Earrings

  • ER2124-1

    stunning Green and Red stones in this Diamond hoops will always make the woman look gorgeous.

  • ER2136-1

    Exclusive white gold Diamond Earring which Enhance your Beauty.

  • H-ER1017-1

    Spectators will be in awe, the wearer will be praised.

  • PD1231-1

    Charming and Stylish Design

  • PD1459-1

    Leaf Pendant with pearl in the centre, a superbly designed contemporary style.

  • PD1636-1

    Very decent and delicate design in shape of Flower with diamonds

  • PD1655-1

    A belief of Royalty, In white gold with Ruby and Diamonds

  • PD1680-1

    An Idea of Luxury That is not necessarily expensive

  • PD1682-1

    A stylish Pendant Unique, Rare,precious and Most importantly suits your style.

  • RG-2646-1/RG-2660-1

    You mean World for me��Rare collection of Couple bands In solitaire Diamonds in Pink and white Gold.

  • RG-2648-1

    This Unique designs will turn your special occasion into a Once-in-a-Lifetime celebration.

  • RG-2605-1

    Ring that brings beautiful dreams to life,whether engagement,wedding, anniversary or renewal of vows

  • RG-2652-1

    Make a precious difference with a Solitaire and unleash the beauty of love with Jewellery that sets

  • RG-2632-1

    Unique design, sparkel with the diamonds in white gold

  • RG-2644-1

    one of our exclusive wedding collection in Solitaire Rings.

  • RG-2628-1

    This is a sure design to captivate your soul, while you tie the knot with your soulmate.

  • RG-2655-1

    Get gorgeous and be a dazzling diva with these elegant solitaires.

  • BN080-1

    Brilliant Grace of Rubies and Diamond

  • BN062-1

    Exclusively designed Masterpiece to add Grace to your Couture

  • ER2085-1

    Sparkle and shine like no other, these pair of diamond earring will be the envy of everyone

  • PD1277-1

    For the woman who values simplicity and style.

  • PD1276-1

    Classic Piece with Stunning diamonds to Flatter your Personality

  • RG-2271-1

    Floral Fantasy

  • RG-3075-1

    Incrusted with Rubies of delightful shades of varied fill your life with colours.

  • RG-3084-1

    Bold style in white gold capturing the hues and forms of era gone by....

  • RG-2970-1

    With curvaceous forms to intriguing geometrical cuts , to suit all age groups and cultural influen

  • RG-2892-1

    Contemporary combination of rose gold in diamonds to give a versatile look.

  • RG-3095-1

    Now take home much more than you pay for with this excellent craftsmanship of pink and white gold d

  • RG2267-1

    18kt Gold, with shining diamonds

  • HERPD1036-1

    A simply cheerful design that\'s to be loved by all the ladies.

  • HS287-1

    Elaborate, exquisite and extravagant, this set will make you stand out in any celebration

  • HERPD1056-1

    A design suited for the real woman.

  • HERPD753-1

    Contemporary design with Unique Craftsmanship